Animal Management in TexasWildlife Management and Game Surveys


Calling all private landowners and government agencies: Veracity Aviation is the best team for all of your aerial game management needs. From deer capture to animal counts and game surveys, we have the methodology and years of experience to ensure a timely completion fo your job. Our  experienced pilots have years of agricultural services under their belts- they’re the best in the business

Veracity Aviation helps landowners and government entities manage game year-round. Between the years of game surveys and animal management, we’ve learned the most efficient and least costly methods.

Our expertise makes us the perfect choice for your game management and survey needs. We customize the experience for each job. Our head of agricultural management will  determine the logistics for your specific needs.

Livestock Gathering and Culling

Veracity Aviation offers an array of services to help you manage your deer and wildlife populations. We offer game counts, deer capture and hog eradication services. Our internationally experienced pilots have years of agricultural services under their belts – they’re the best in the business!

Game Counts

Aerial game counts are the most time efficient and accurate way to estimate your land game population. Our experienced pilots will plot you the most efficient route – saving you time and money!

Deer Capture

We’ve done extensive research on the best way to herd, capture and relocate deer to assure your prized herd are safe and accounted for properly.

Cattle Herding

Contact us for herding your cattle in a quick and timely manner. We’re much faster than some of the older techniques and can fly or trailer our helicopters to your property based off of location.

In order to provide aerial game services, an Aerial Management Permit is required by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Our permit number is M-302 and our approved pilots are listed for your service. In order to perform a count or a hunt for depredating animals, a Landowner authorization (LOA) is required to be signed by the landowner or authorized agent authorizing the specific type of operation to be conducted on the specified property. We will help you with all the paperwork and make it very painless for the landowner.

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