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Veracity Aviation provides professional helicopter flight training designed to be flexible, customized and thorough. Our lessons are one-on-one to allow you to have the full focus of your instructor and utilize your funds more efficiently. Regardless of if you are with us for only your private pilot license or are going through an entire professional pilot program, our emphasis on tailoring your flight training experience and building you into a safe and confident helicopter pilot is our number one goal.

At Veracity, we take over from day one and guide you through the process. We keep our students informed and prepared as they move through flight training closer to their checkrides. You don’t need to have any certificates, training or ground courses completed when you arrive for your first lesson – we will take care of it all! While you are in your training, you will have exposure to our commercial helicopter services as well so you can see the life you’re building for yourself and learn more about the aviation world and easing into it.

Why Work With Us?

Customized Flight Training

At our facilities, you are not just a number to us – you are a person with a schedule, responsibilities and a common goal. With all of our locations offering time slots Sunday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., your training can be scheduled on your own time to move through your course as quickly or leisurely as you like.

We Create Safe Pilots

For Veracity Aviation, it is more important for us to see safe pilots graduate our program than just pilots who have met minimum requirements. We want to give you a life-long skill and healthy habits to build the foundation of your future career goals.

No Gimmicks Here!

Our students get guidance from operations admin and instructors alike on FAA courses and requirements and what options they have for moving through their training. A successful student to us is one that begins their training and progresses through their lessons and achieves their license in the timeline they had in mind, not a student we can keep in school indefinitely. Your success is our success!


“I’ve been training at the Veracity Georgetown location for a couple months and I love it! My son got his helicopter add on there and he loved it too. Professional pilots and instructors, I highly recommended them.”
– Brian McCarley, Current Student

“A bunch of legends here. They bent over backwards to meet my nearly impossible timeline.”
– Brian Baker, Former Student

Process and Timelines

Step One

Contact the flight school for any questions you might have before starting your training. This can be anything from explaining our pricing to how many hours you need to complete a specific course. All of our course descriptions and requirements are online but don’t hesitate to ask us further inquiries.

Step Two

Organize your funding or financing. You’ll want to have a plan for the minimum requirements of your course plus about a $2000.00 cushion to ensure you don’t get held up right before your checkride. Many students that need to take a “break” before checkride spend much more than students that train uninterrupted. You’ll also want to make sure you have lodging or plans for commuting before you get started.

For additional financing options and information please visit our Flight Training Financing Page.

Step Three

Contact the flight school for a discovery flight. While a discovery flight is not mandatory for enrollment, we always encourage students to take discovery flights at potential schools they are looking at attending. You want to LOVE your school and feel comfortable in that learning environment. Most people will find a certain sized school and training environment works better for their success than others.

Step Four

Set up your first lesson! That’s it! We take it from here. We will work with you to get your student pilot certificate, teach you how to apply for a medical certificate and get your books and materials on the first day.

Our Team

The staff at Veracity Aviation includes operations administration, flight instructors and mechanics that are dedicated to making the art of flight training and commercial helicopter operations EASY for our customers. Our team is friendly, professional and invested in providing the highest quality of service in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

+Do I have to have an airplane/fixed-wing license before I start my helicopter license?

No – you can begin a private pilot helicopter license with no prior flight training. If your goal is to fly a professional helicopter job such as EMS, offshore oil support, external load operations or firefighting,, you’ll want as much helicopter time from the get-go as possible. It is NOT less expensive to get your Fixed-Wing License first.

+What all do I need before I start my training?

Before you start your training, you need a copy of your passport or birth certificate and funding. You don’t need a medical certificate until you solo though we do suggest getting one as soon as you can in order to prevent investing money into something you can’t pursue should you fail your medical appointment. We can help you with the application and locating an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner) near you.

+Is it safe?

Aviation in general is getting more safe throughout the years. You want to ensure that your flight school takes preventative measures in maintenance, regulations and requirements and does not encourage an environment of pushing the rules. At Veracity, our number one focus is safety and that directly relates to the quality of our aircraft and staff standards.

+When does the next semester start?

Since all of our training is one-on-one, you can start your training at anytime. There are no semesters or “groups” of students going through at any given time.

+Should I do an online ground course before I enroll in your school?

We don’t recommend it. The ground instruction is for general knowledge of helicopter operations, weather, regulations and preparing for the written test and oral portion of your checkride. You can complete an online ground course before you come to us but you will most likely need additional ground that your online ground school did not cover or that did not “stick”. You will need periodic ground to refresh information for your written test and keep it current for the oral portion of your checkride. Ground is taught on an as-needed basis but required during stage checks.

+How much does it cost?

We don’t have a fishy or complicated pricing but we don’t post it here because every student is different. Our R22, R44 and ground pricing is always the same – no fuel surcharges! – but not every student needs what they think they need! Often times, students need more or less time than what their research has led them to. We’ve posted some average pricing for the R22 for the Private through CFII programs but remember – we can let you know if Part 61 flight training or Part 141 flight training is better for you or if any existing flight time counts toward your training.

+Is there financial aid or financing available for my training?
Financial Aid is only available in the degree program at Tarrant County College in Fort Worth. You would contact the university’s Financial Aid department to apply there.

For financing, please visit our Financing Options Page for financing options that can be used at any of our three non-degree program locations.

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