Helicopter Agricultural SurveyingHelicopter Aerial Spray and Rice Pollination


Helicopters are much more agile and efficient when it comes to aerial application for oddly shaped properties or those located far from an airport. Helicopters can reload their fuel tanks and chemical tanks via a loader truck onsite making your total flight time, and bill, smaller.

Veracity Aviation offers a number of services in the R22 and the R44 for landowners. We have all the licensing and equipment for aerial application of herbicides, insecticides and fertilizers. Using gps locating software, we can show you the helicopter tracks over an image of your property to show you the efficiency we aim for. Contact us to go over the problems you may be having to get a quote on the application job you’re looking for. We also offer Rice Pollination and frost prevention services that we can trailer the helicopter to location on minimizing the flight time and maximizing the efficiency of your time and money.


Plan the Logistics

Skip the stress- We will consult the need you’re looking to fulfill and develop a unique plan to complete the task as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Experienced Staff

All of our pilots undergo strict examinations and have years of experience and require licenses and training for the jobs we put them up for.

More Explanation

Not sure if we can meet your needs? Fill out the Contact form below. Since each job is so unique, we can let you know if we are the team for your job. If we’re not, we’ll leverage our industry connections to find you the right people.


Both helicopters have onboard GPS for marking locations. High-resolution digital cameras and video cameras are available.

Aerial Crop Application

Utilize our helicopter services to assist with herbicides and fertilizer! Stop wasting hours and hours driving around property and invest in a time saving helicopter flight.

Property Surveys

Getting ready to sell your ranch? Helicopter property surveys are one of the most accurate ways to properly estimate your acreage. At Veracity Aviation, we employ software to help you learn your true acreage and fence lines.

Rice Pollination

Utilize our helicopter services to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck!

In order to provide aerial game services, an Aerial Management Permit is required by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Our permit number is M-302 and our approved pilots are listed for your service. In order to perform a count or a hunt for depredating animals, a Landowner authorization (LOA) is required to be signed by the landowner or authorized agent authorizing the specific type of operation to be conducted on the specified property. We will help you with all the paperwork and make it very painless for the landowner.

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