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Flexible Helicopter Flight Training: For Fun, For Career, For Life.

Veracity Aviation’s customizable one-on-one flight training programs cater to individuals in all walks of life. We provide a variety of flight training for everyone from novice pilots who have never been in a helicopter, to advanced pilots, to veterans and international students. Veracity’s students are anywhere from 15 years old to 70 years old- it’s never too late to achieve your dreams.

Private pilot license

Fulfill your dream of becoming a Private Pilot. All new pilots start with the private pilot license training, as it is the prerequisite for additional training. With this certification, you are able to fly yourself, friends and family day and night for recreational purposes.

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Instrument Rating

While this rating is not absolutely required for every commercial helicopter job, we highly recommend that all pilots complete this training. It improves the skills of all pilots and adds a hireable edge to their resumes. We teach students how to understand and trust instruments, gather the full picture and fly safely.

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commercial pilot license

The Commercial Pilot License allows you to be paid for your piloting services. While you can’t start a full charter service just yet – you can now apply for commercial work as a Professional Helicopter Pilot and be paid for doing what you love!

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Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

Use your industry knowledge for good by passing it onto the next generation of pilots. Becoming a certified flight instructor allows you to coach students and maintain industry standards. This license also allows you to build experience working in the industry and flight time at a faster pace.

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flight instructor instrument (CFII)

The Flight Instructor Instrument License allows you teach students instrument lessons. During this training, most students use the R44 to get the required SFAR 73 endorsements and flight time to instruct in both types of Robinson aircraft during their time as a CFII.

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Airline transport pilot

The Airline Transport Pilot Helicopter is the last license for a helicopter pilot looking to enhance their career options. With a minimum of 1200 hours as a requirement to enroll in this course, you may take it a couple of years after your initial flight training or when you get out of the military to qualify for many higher level jobs in the industry.

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Veracity Aviation is a Veteran built company that helps more than 25 veterans per year utilize the VA benefits to complete their dream: get a pilot license. After serving our nation, many veterans want to advance skills they learned in the military by achieving their pilot license. Veracity Aviation works with you to make that happen.

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international students

We work closely with international students and have deep knowledge of the requirements and visa technicalities. We will work with you to ensure you can complete your dream and train with Veracity Aviation.

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Flight Add-ons

Give Yourself a Competitive Edge, Complete our Add-On Courses to Become a Dual Rated Pilot

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FAQ + Process

Have questions about the process? Get answers.

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