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Explore the United States and get your helicopter pilot’s license while you’re at it! We frequently work with international students, so our staff is trained on the intricacies of applying. 

You can conduct flight training on a Veracity Aviation sponsored M1 Visa or on your existing visa based on type. Please contact us before you arrive at the school to verify you hold a Visa approved for flight training as the process to acquire an M1 visa is MUCH shorter outside of the United States.


Part 61 flight schools and independent flight instructors may train a foreign national if that alien is a legal permanent resident or in a work status (H-type visa) with extended stay privileges or a refugee in asylum status with appropriate DHS documentation.

Students completing recurrency training, flight reviews or training that does not result in a certificate or rating.

Students attending University on an F1 Visa may get permission to attend a flight school so long as it does not interfere with their initial program.


You will need to email or call the office to start your I-20 M1 Visa application. In many situations, it is much faster to apply for an M1 Visa outside of the United States instead of transferring your Visa through USCIS in the states. Students applying for an M1 Visa should be prepared at a minimum to show proof of available funds for all courses they are applying for and a certificate of Proficiency in English from TOEFL or IELTS.

If you are attending another flight school that is shutting down or does not have availability to complete your course and it is within six months of your arrival – you may transfer your M1 Visa to another flight school instead of applying for a new one. Fees are still charged for transferring through UCSIS. Contact your current school to start the transfer process.


All students entering flight training on a Visa, Permanent residence card or are in asylum status must submit a flight training request as a candidate at the AFSP website. Please email us for the link to submit a request so we can determine if you are eligible for training in the United States and that the AFSP is required. If you pay for a AFSP Flight Training Request before contacting Veracity, we are not responsible for the loss of funds. 

Next steps:Not sure if you need a Visa for flight training?? Visit the AOPA Alien Flight Training Program for clarification

Block time

Students can set up a block time account with $4000.00 cash or check. Students will receive a 5% discount off the hourly rate of flight and ground instruction. Therefore, if the training cost $16,000 then the student will save over $800.00.

Block time cannot be purchased with a credit card.

If a student requests a refund of their money on account, the 5% discount will be put back on each paid invoice and paid for out of the remainder of block time funds. After one year from the last invoice, the student can only fly off block time funds – a refund will not be given. Student can give credit on account to other students.

Discovery flight

If you would like to try a demo lesson, Veracity offers a discovery flight in the R22 for $155.00. This includes 30 minutes of ground and 25 minutes of hands-on flight! You can log it if you have a logbook or you can purchase one for $9.95+tax.

If you are over 220 pounds (the seat weight limit for the R22), the R44 discovery flight is $275.00.

Gift certificates for the discovery flight can be purchased over the phone or through email and make great presents. If the recipient decides they’d like to fly longer, additional flight time can be combined with the original certificate.

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