Frequently Asked Questions

Tours can be as strict or flexible as you like as we can customize many of your options. If you have any questions that aren’t listed here about booking your tour, please contact us!

Yes! Let us know what tour or introductory flight you would like to “gift” your special someone and we can handle everything over the phone – no need to even visit the location!

Helicopters have a maximum weight they can carry before their power diminishes. By informing you ahead of time, you know the limitations of each aircraft.

We love to fly- so, YES! Add an extra 30 minutes of flight to your discovery, take an extra loop around the lake, fly over your house! We can do it!

You can bring a camera or film with your phone. If you have the proper mounting gear, you can hook a GoPro or similar camera to the inside window or the frame inside the helicopter. Just remember – in good weather we fly with the doors off so we are not responsible for your camera getting lost. Please don’t put your phone or camera outside the helicopter – IT WILL GET LOST.

No, but as we have always stated, we recommend taking a discovery flight or introductory flight at any school you are interested in to meet people and find out more about the learning environment.

 Not if you want to actually fly the helicopter. We do not allow passengers on training flights so you can take either a discovery flight or a tour but your controls will be removed if you take a passenger and your rate goes to the normal helicopter hourly rate. The R22 cannot hold more than the instructor and one passenger.