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Veracity Aviation is a company built off the idea of truthfulness. There are no gimmicks, games or ulterior motives – just helicopter services done right.

Our name says it all: Veracity is the conformity to truthfulness. When Veracity Aviation was created in 2008, Derrick Smith, owner and President had seen good and bad flight training. He believed that there was a way to turn the industry of flight training into a straightforward and honest path to being employed as a helicopter pilot. Veracity doesn’t want to just give you your flight training, we want to make safe and “hireable” pilots to work with in the industry that have the experience they need to be successful. 

Veracity was started with just two flight instructors and one location over eleven years ago and has now three locations with three full-time flight instructors at each location. We have also grown to offer several helicopter services and continue to add experience in those each day. If you’re asking the question, “Can you do it,” we aim to be the ‘YES’ you’re looking for. Be it flight training, a golf ball drop, a charter flight, or an agriculture service – we are the ‘Yes’! Not only are we answer to most helicopter needs, but we aim to be the most qualified and prepared for any job we take on.


I am an Army veteran and will be headed back in as an aviator very soon. I contacted Veracity to conduct a R22 discovery flight. Since I have decided to drop an aviation packet and rejoin the Army, I wanted to use the experience at Veracity to gauge my decision. Upon arrival I was greeted by Adam Hough, my instructor for the day. He was incredible. He’s highly knowledgeable and a phenomenal instructor. It was an amazing experience. Their fleet is incredibly pristine.I will be calling soon to set up some R44 time! It was an absolute pleasure logging my first flight hour with you guys! Thanks Adam and Veracity Aviation.

    – Dustin Abazi

“I can not praise Veracity Aviation enough for how wonderful they have been to work with The company I work for hosts an annual charity golf tournament and we planned to host our first ever helicopter golf ball drop this year. My main contact, Kim, was a delight and joy to work with! She spent so much time helping to answer my many questions for the best practices. They will forever be our go-to helicopter vendor moving forward! Thank  you to the whole Veracity Aviation Team for being great at what you do! We will be referring everyone we know your way.

    – Cassie Croft

Our Team

Our instructors and pilots at Veracity are evaluated every six months by the chief flight instructor for any safety or ops specs violations and bad habits. All pilots must attend Robinson safety school before being hired and usually do the course in their CFI training.

Many of our employees are prior military or business owners themselves so all have experience in customer satisfaction, prioritizing responsibilities and maintaining a level of professionalism for all of our customers. They are also required to keep a 1st class medical current even though it is not required by the FAA to ensure that everyone is healthy and capable of making adequate in-flight decisions. Our staff is also on the FAA Drug Abatement Program requiring pre-employment and random drug and alcohol testing for all employees in safety-sensitive positions.

Many of our pilots and mechanics attend additional training courses to ensure that our information stays current and moves forward with the industry in addition to maintaining current license, ratings and job titles.

Pearland, TX

Seguin, Tx

Georgetown, Tx

Fort Worth, Tx


We have three flight training locations and a degree seeking flight training location as well. Get more information on each location by clicking the locations tab for details!

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