Property Photography, Pipeline and Powerline SurveyingAerial Inspection


Inspecting can be a long and costly endeavor for many government agencies and private businesses but it’s important, and sometimes mandatory, to ensure your land, power lines, pipelines and other structures are not faulty. Veracity Aviation has the knowledgeable staff and expertise to cut that time in half.

Helicopter patrols greatly reduce the time it takes to inspect an area, generally twice as fast as vehicle patrols on overhead power lines that follow roads and 20 times quicker on power lines in terrain that is difficult to navigate or on private property. The bird’s-eye view allows us to identify, monitor and repair any wear and tear or potential risks to supply, such as overgrown vegetation or deterioration on the topside of poles. With our external cameras, we can spot and mark leak detection suitable for reporting.


Getting ready to sell your ranch? Helicopter property photography surveys are one of the most valued ways to show off your property to potential buyers.

GPS Mapping

Both helicopters have onboard GPS for marking locations. High-resolution digital cameras and video cameras are available for marking tracks with pipelines for reporting. Helicopters also have the ability to hover at a specific site while marking the damages or leak that need to be attended to while airplanes do not have this capability.

Industry Knowledge

Our knowledge of the industry and years of experience lend a helping hand when planning. We can adjust the flight path to be as efficient as possible.

Professional Pilots

Our pilots undergo the most rigorous training possible. They are highly experienced individuals to ensure your job is completed successfully.

Many pipeline companies need to report on the lines annually depending on the region you are in. Veracity can gather the footage and report for you to make this obligation less time consuming.

Power lines needs to be maintained and monitored to ensure pre-emptive repairs take place before the lines are inoperative. We are often contracted by Coops for post storm surveys as well. Helicopters gain increased accuracy over fixed wing aircraft by flying the line at lower altitudes and often at slower airspeeds, thus wee are able to hover next to the problem areas and give an accurate assessment of damage.

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