Bush Pilots!

We had the exciting opportunity to train a student from South Africa in April and will be training his colleague in the near future and the experience really peaked our interest! Here in Texas, we are used to agriculture works such as deer capture, hog eradication and sport hunting trips. Apparently, South African bush pilots deal with a bit crazier situations. Our students are actively involved in the rhinoceros poaching crisis focusing on the tracking and investigation of ivory hunting.

Lechelle and Tokkie

Lechelle Dippenaar and Tokkie Botes

Tokkie completed his commercial license (and head back to work!) and Lechelle plans to complete hers in a few months. In the meantime she is participating in events with Whirly GirlsHAI and other helicopter associated groups in the states.

Since Tokkie has completed his license, we’ve been looking at some  bush piloting around the world. Check out some of the bush pad landings we found!

A big thank you to Tokkie and Lechelle for the work they do and showing yet another side of the helicopter industry!

-Kim Demore, Veracity Aviation, LLC.

Tokkie and Jared

Tokkie and Instructor, Jared Airhart

Lechelle and Jared

Lechelle and Instructor, Jared Airhart

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