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Helicopter Services

We provide contract services at all levels ranging from simple piloting and trip planning to managing maintenance, records and certificates. Our professional and qualified pilots and staff are at your service when you need us.
Veracity works alongside biologists to complete surveys or deer capture work orders for your specific needs.  We also schedule out Hog Hunts for those wanting to have their property managed OR for those wanting to experience the thrill of the aerial hunt. Please call Steve or Derrick for questions on Hog Hunts or Deer Capture.


Veracity Aviation offers an array of services to help you manage your deer and wildlife populations; game counts, photography and
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Aerial Powerline & Pipeline

High-Efficiency Surveying and Monitoring Helicopter patrols greatly reduce the time it takes to inspect an area, generally twice as fast as
Learn more about our Aerial Powerline & Pipeline Services

Helicopter Hog Hunts & Deer (Game) Surveys

Deer management can be a costly and time consuming event for any landowner. We have extensive experience in deer capture,
Learn more about our Helicopter Hog Hunts & Deer (Game) Surveys Services
Meet your Instructor Derrick Smith

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Derrick Smith

Derrick Smith is the President of Veracity Aviation. He began his career by enlisting in the US Navy at 17 and became a helicopter rescue swimmer. He flew over 1300 hours as a SH-60B crewman and completed three deployments in the Western Pacific.

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