Helicopter Hog Hunts & Deer (Game) Surveys

Deer management can be a costly and time consuming event for any landowner. We have extensive experience in deer capture, hog hunts, surveys and relocation all over Texas and internationally.

Derrick heads all of the agriculture management jobs and can determine the logistics for the specific job you need done – or help find the service if you’re not sure what needs to be done on your ranch.

Veracity Aviation flies Helicopter Hog Hunts for all you adventure enthusiasts out there. Our knowledgeable and experienced heli hunters  can set you up with the right hunting trip if you do not own your own land. We will secure the land with the TPWD, provide the helicopter, pilot, fuel and ammo for one simple hourly rate.

If you own property and need hogs eradicated – call us! We will hunt your land for you or provide rates for land owners looking to hunt their own property.

A short course on shooting from the helicopter is included in every trip.

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Critical Angle filmed one of our hunts recently. This video shows the excitement and adrenaline the hunters experience and also outlines the reason WHY we do these hunts.

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