Aerial Powerline & Pipeline

High-Efficiency Surveying and Monitoring

Helicopter patrols greatly reduce the time it takes to inspect an area, generally twice as fast as vehicle patrols on overhead power lines that follow roads and 20 times quicker on powerlines in terrain that is difficult to navigate or on private property. The bird’s-eye view allows us to identify, monitor and repair any wear and tear or potential risks to supply, such as overgrown vegetation or deterioration on the topside of poles.

The pre-emptive repairs will not only assist in avoiding power interruptions but will also ensure your electricity supply is delivered safely. We can provide you a cost-effective solution to monitoring your lines that will minimize the time required and therefore increase efficiency. We gain increased accuracy over fixed wing aircraft by flying the line at lower altitudes and often at slower airspeeds. We are able to hover next to the problem areas and give an accurate assessment of damage.

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