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Veracity Aviation is a Veteran built company that helped over 25 students utilize their VA benefits last year alone. Veterans must register to use their benefits with a VA representative at the student hotline (888-442-4551). Veterans can also submit their form 22-1990 online at the VA website. If you have used your benefits before, you will need to submit a 22-1995 Change of School Form to the VA.

Easily accessible, Texas is a great place for international students to complete their training. We can help you go through the steps of attaining an M1 Visa for training and completing the AFSP background check.

Vocational Flight Training for Veterans

Under a vocational flight school setting, the VA does not cover your private pilot license; this is an out of pocket expense along with your books and materials, including your medical, writtens and practical tests.

Chapter 33 or Post 9/11 Bill
The Veteran will receive $13,526.81 per academic year, per course. The student must enroll in one course per academic year if they want to utilize the full benefits for the course. These academic years renew on August 1st. The cap applies to all classes and/or enrollments that begin during that academic year, regardless of the academic year in which the classes or enrollments are completed. This means you cannot get additional funding for a course you are enrolled in just by training over the August 1st Academic year start.

Chapter 30 or Montgomery G.I.
Veterans receive 60% of your training’s total balance for each course after it is flown; this means 100% of the cost of training is provided by the veteran and the VA reimburses them individually. The student can enroll in multiple courses per academic year; they just need to be in a specific order. If a Veteran plans to go career pilot, this bill may be a better plan based off of the student’s schedule but it is always best to speak with your VA counselor before selecting which benefits you will use.

Most people are Post 9/11, but if given the chance to choose, make sure you look carefully into each program. Visit the VA Website to view the status of your application.
For a full breakdown of out of pocket costs, please call the VA coordinator at Veracity Aviation, Kim Demore.

Veracity Aviation Degree Program

Veracity Aviation, LLC does not currently have a degree program. If you would like to be put on a notification list for Degree Program enrollment, send us a message and you will be notified when a degree program is available for enrollment.

International Students

Most students will have to train on an M1 visa with an approved TSA AFSP Flight Training Request. You will need to email or call the office to start your I-20 M1 Visa application. If you are attending another flight school that is shutting down or does not have availability to teach you and it is within six months of your arrival – you may transfer your Visa to another flight school instead of applying for a new one. Fees are still charged for transferring through UCSIS. Contact your current school to start the transfer process.

If you are not sure if you need an M1 Visa/AFSP Training Request or not – please visit AOPA’s website for international fight student information.

If you are still unsure – follow the interactive training guide HERE.

Typically, the only students who WILL NOT need an M1 Visa, are:

Part 61 flight schools and independent flight instructors may train a foreign national if that alien is a legal permanent resident or in a work status (H-type visa) with extended stay privileges or a refugee in asylum status with appropriate DHS documentation.
Students completing recurrency training, flight reviews or training that does not result in a certificate or rating.


  1. The International Student may now enroll at Veracity Aviation by sending the school the following:
  • An email request stating name, home citizenship, flight license currently held, licenses to be pursued and intentions, mailing address for I-20.
  • I-20 Processing and Courier fee is $200. The funds must be paid in US dollars by credit card, wire transfer, money order or other certified funds in advance to Veracity Aviation in order to process and issue the I-20.
  • Official record of schooling or other educational achievement, which must include English language proficiency and at least twelve years of academic education, must be provided. (Photocopies of diplomas are acceptable) (TOEFL Required unless degree/diploma was completed at an English speaking school.)
  • Proof of financial ability to cover all educational expenses and support for yourself and any dependents with you during your stay in the United States. An officer from your bank will need to certify in a letter that your funds on deposit for educational and living expenses are acceptable and at least equal to the amount shown on your enrollment agreement. You will need to show this to the Embassy Officer at your Visa Interview.

Upon receipt of these items, Veracity Aviation will issue and send the International Student, the I-20 Form to apply for the M-1 Student Training Visa. Resident Aliens will not need an M-1 Visa to train- please supply a color photo copy of the permanent resident card.

2. The next step for the International Student is to go to the Student and Exchange Visitors Information Service (SEVIS) website: and complete the SEVIS I-901 Form and pay the required $200.00 application fee. Resident Aliens are not required to pay this fee. This fee must be paid before the applicant arrives at the US Embassy or Consulate for the VISA Interview. Please be prepared before you go for your interview, you could do your research online or we recommend you hire a travel agency who would be familiar with the Visa process. Once you get the Visa, kindly inform us of your arrival date so we could make arrangements to begin training. If you show up WITHOUT notifying the school, it is not guaranteed that we can get you into the states if you are OUTSIDE your training dates.

Other Important Information an International Student and Resident Aliens MUST know:

  1. All International Students MUST be 17 years old to earn and hold a Private Pilot License.
  2. All International Students MUST be 18 years old to earn and hold a Commercial Pilot License.
  3. All International Students MUST be able to Read, Speak, Write and Understand English.
  4. All International Students MUST be able to pass and hold a Class II FAA Medical Examination.
  5. All International Students MUST train on an M-1 Student Visa (unless conducting training under Part 61 with an H-Visa or Perm. Res. Status.)
  6. All International Students MUST purchase a Medical/Accident Insurance Policy for the length of time they are in flight training at Veracity Aviation.
  7. All International Students WILL be photographed at the start of their flight training program.

Applicants from non-English speaking countries must complete the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) examination as a demonstration of English proficiency. A score of at least 550 is required and a copy of the test results must be forwarded to Veracity Aviation.

If it is not convenient for you to complete the TOEFL exam in your country, or you are uncertain about your standard of English, you should contact the Cultural Affairs Officer at the US Embassy in your country.

The following are also acceptable as exceptions to TOEFL:

 A certificate of completion of an English language course.
 A U.S. high school graduation diploma.
 An FAA Pilot Certificate with no restrictions or limitations.

If you have never had any training in the US or are intending on furthering your knowledge in instruments- you will need to complete the AFSP training request.


  • You are an alien; and
  • You are seeking flight training inside or outside the United States for U.S. airman certificate under 14 CFR. This rule applies to flight training that you could use toward a recreational, sport, or private pilot certificate; multi-engine or instrument rating; or any initial U.S. airman certificate issued by FAA


  • You are seeking recurrent training, such as a flight review, instrument proficiency check, or flight training listed under 14 CFR 61.31; or
  • You are seeking ground training; or
  • You are participating in a discovery or demonstration flight for marketing purposes; or
  • The Department of Defense or U.S. Coast Guard (or a contractor with either) is providing your training.
  • You have been endorsed by the U.S. Department of Defense. Click here  for instructions if you have been endorsed by DoD.
  • These exemptions are further clarified at



  1. The applicant (International Student or Resident Alien) registers on the TSA web site: at which point they will be given by e-mail a User Name and Password.
  2. After receiving the User Name and Password from TSA, the International Student or Resident Alien logs in again on the TSA Web site, and submits the following information:

Full Name
Current Address
Five Year Address History
Date of Birth
Country of Birth
Country of Citizenship

  1. Under Flight Training Details submit the following

Name of the School: Veracity Aviation
Course Name : Private Pilot
Course Id : PPL01
Course Description: Private Pilot (or applicable course name)
Aircraft Type: Robinson R22 Beta II (and/or) Robinson R44 Raven II
Training Request Category: 3
Training Request Date: Your training dates. (it is better to overestimate the completion times.)

If you have any problems with the registration process, please contact the AFSP help desk listed on the website.

Veracity Aviation is not responsible for the content of the website and has no control over requested documentation, procedures, or customer service issues.

Please visit for more information on TSA registration.

  1. Pay TSA the $130.00 Application Processing Fee by Credit Card on the TSA website
  1. After paying the TSA Application Fee, the International Student or Resident Alien will be told to get fingerprinted. The fingerprint cards and the application fee must be received by TSA before the flight training can be started. Please note that there may be an additional charge for this service. You can schedule for the fingerprinting at the local US Embassy in your country.
  1. If TSA determines that the International Student or Resident Alien is a security threat and the student has started their training, the school will be notified and the flight training will be stopped immediately.

For more information on the AFSP Flight Training request, visit HERE.


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